Are You Dominating Others?

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No one likes to admit that they dominate others or conversations!   What about you?
Have you ever noticed that you dominate or over control situations?
When does your strength of DOMINANCE negatively impact your business relationships?

 If you score high on DOMINANCE on the behavioral based DiSC assessment, my guess is that you might damage relationships when you overextend your style.  DO YOU EXHIBIT THE FOLLOWING TENDENCIES?
 Overly aggressive
 Insensitive
 Lack of empathy
 Little social interaction
 Demands instead of asking
 Makes decisions too quickly
 Does not ask others’ opinions

 CLUES that you might be Dominating Relationships:
If you talk more than 50% of the time.
If you cut people off when they are “trying” to speak with you.
You don’t know anything about the people who work with or for you.
You think you are a great leader, but when you look there is no one following you.


Potential Remedies for experiencing better results:

  • Request that you have a 360 assessment. You might like to try the new Everything DiSC 363.
  • Ask the opinion of people you respect.
  • Observe the non-verbal expressions of those you interrupt.
  • Hire a Corporate or Life Coach who can help you develop stronger interpersonal skills.

We are offering the NEW Everything DiSC 363 ($150 Value) to the first 5 people who call 770-449-5350 by October 15th.

Here is what the NEW Everything 363 can do for you and your organization:

  • Give you feedback on how you perceive yourself and how others perceive you so you can make adjustments and become a more effective leader.
  • Experience an effective 360 based on DiSC that gives you 3 strengths and 3 areas for improvement.