Why Do The Best Leaders Participate?

Why Do The Best Leaders “Participate”?

Many of our Clients have asked us, “Why do The BEST Leaders Participate?”
We offer this answer: It has been said that families who play or pray together, tend to stay together. A variation of this theme holds true for Leaders, too. Leaders who PARTICIPATE together tend to be more productive and they also tend to stay together.

Our Team at Impact Training and Development has provided professional development, training and coaching programs to Leaders for over 20 years, and we’ve discovered what it takes to have a healthy, effective Participative Leadership Culture.

In our world, this is synonymous to having a Coaching Culture!

Here are some patterns that show up in a Participative Leadership Culture.

• Leaders are committed to better understand their Leadership behaviors.
• Leaders share the benefit of awareness so they can adapt their behaviors
and communication style to their customers, direct reports and teams.
• Leaders embrace what’s possible in a Participative Leadership Culture, such
as tracking measurable and meaningful results that are favorably impacted
across the board. (That includes internal and external customer
• A Coaching Culture (i.e. Participative Leadership Culture) often embraces
useful tools such as the DiSC series of products, to encourage adaptation
and participation.
• Leaders know that Participation is a 2 way street. As we travel on
Participation Lane, here is where possibility can intercept with relevant
action and greater productivity.

So in closing, we ask: “As a Leader: “How do you Participate?”
Your Comments and Feedback are generously appreciated by our Team at Impact Training and Development. We want to Participate with you.