Behavioral Map- April

Do You Have A Behavioral Map for Leaders?

Like all navigation, once your employees understand the map, they will be better prepared to lead your organization toward higher productivity.
Nancy Allen, CEO of Impact Training & Development

The DISC (dominance, influence, steadiness, conscientiousness) line of products from Inscape Publishing can assist any organization in creating a strong corporate team. The DISC program is a personal assessment that models a person’s behavior and assists in helping people better understand their feelings and actions.

The “Work of Leaders” is the newest version of DiSC Products and includes classroom facilitation, online assessments and post-training reports that create a personalized workplace development program for leaders.
The DISC full range of products can take a highly dysfunctional workplace team and quickly and completely turn them around. Those taking the DISC assessment will have insight as to what drives their own actions and the actions of others. This information can mean the difference between a successful work environment and a highly dysfunctional workplace!
Companies who embrace a “Coaching Culture” using DiSC are better able to place employees on a common map and put teams together that contain the correct mix of behaviors to assist in greater productivity and enhanced group cohesion. With the challenges that leaders have with today’s diverse workforce, possessing the knowledge of what makes employees “tick” is crucial to a successful organization.

So, if you want a Behavioral MAP for today’s Leaders then join me in Atlanta for on 4/27/12.  
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