Yesterday’s Competitor Can Be Today’s Collaborator

As youngsters most of us have all been told to work in pairs for the greater good – but when we enter the business world that mindset often goes away. Working in business can be cut throat and the competition, like you, wants to win. Many businesses have resorted to clever and bold tactics to get ahead, while others find themselves in a 24/7 survival mode, barely making it.

As we have seen, since 2008, the economical and competitive landscape has changed dramatically and this is actually good news because it gives us an opportunity to change too!

In a world where the economy is not at its best, working with another business can open up a world of opportunities. A business that may not have survived on its own before may flourish today when collaborating with another.

When a team is at a crossroads wrestling with a problem they cannot fix then collaboration may be the best choice. Having more people in the same company with different skills and new perspectives brings about more ideas and insight into problems that in the past may have been difficult to solve. Even issues that seem to have no rhyme or reason can be helped when more teams collaborate together.


Collaboration means having more resources to help find solutions, opening you up for business growth and new potential partners. The benefits of collaboration are huge and can possibly save a company.
How have you Collaborated with other Teams and other Companies this year?