When Completing Tasks – What’s Your DiSC?

WHEN COMPLETING TASKS – WHAT’S YOUR DiSC STYLE ?As a DiSC Trainer and Coach for over 25 years, I’ve observed that different DiSC Styles tackle the challenge of completing tasks, very differently. So, have some fun and take a look below to see which DiSC Style fits you.

Dominant Style

This DiSC Style often picks the most urgent items first so they can move on to their next “must do” goal. What drives the Dominant DiSC Style is momentum, getting results and a sense of urgency!  In an effort to get results, this DiSC style may offer Bold or Daring ideas and look at the big picture, thus avoiding over analysis.  Is this you?

Influential Style
The Influential DiSC Style is driven by connection with others and collaboration. This Style enjoys getting recognized and if they feel “ well – liked “  and appreciated, they will be thrilled to complete tasks with a great deal of enthusiasm.  And when you acknowledge their feelings, and the importance of their relationship with you, they most likely will offer a creative, enthusiastic, spontaneous approach that can make “work” feel like “fun”! Is this you?

Conscientious Style
This DiSC Style specializes in accuracy.   In fact, this style may get bogged down in the details at times.  If you describe the tasks that need to get done with logic supported by facts, then this Style will deliver very accurate results, as long as they do not feel forced or pressured to do so.  And with this style, expect lots of questions that may start out this way: “Just to clarify……..”
Is this you?

Steady Style
Have you heard the expression, “STEADY, FREDDY”? Well, this expression describes this DiSC Style perfectly. When tasks need to get done, this Style is comfortable with a stable, consistent process.  Setting a timeline with expectations that fit everyone’s needs is a great way to be sure tasks are completed. When this style feels heard, and experiences genuine warmth, and care they will deliver results in a very steady, dependable way.  Is this you?

Please reach out and let us know your thoughts!

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