Fun in the Sun?

Fun in the Sun?
Nancy Allen – President, Leading-With-DiSC
I’ve been thinking about DiSC Styles and the behaviors
that may show up during their vacation.
Here are some examples. 
Dominant Style:  Vacation Behaviors
A laptop is a must 
   First Class– all the way!
Influential Style: Vacation Behaviors
Bring it on!  I.e. yummy food, magazines, IPod, fun stuff, etc.
Determined to get in the middle of all the fun, friends and activities!
Steady Style: Vacation Behaviors
Brings a novel they are currently reading
Brings comfortable, shoes / ‘travel’ clothes and their bed pillow from home
Conscientious Style: Vacation Behaviors
Very organized – i.e. brings headset for the airplane movie to avoid paying for one, etc.
Arrives early to airport / Boards plane first to get easy access to overhead bin
What vacation behaviors show up for you while on vacation?

Please comment below – We’d love to hear from you.