News About The Royal Baby



News About The Royal Baby
Nancy Allen – Author
Given the News about the Royal Baby, I thought I’d suggest how each DiSC Style may have responded to this News.
For instance, the Influential DiSC Style may have organized a Block Party, or Cookout designed specifically to celebrate the Royals New Baby.  This party – hearty idea is so perfect for this Style because they love to connect, collaborate and chat enthusiastically with others.
The Dominant DiSC Style, may have consideredthe News for a moment and then moved on to the next goal they needed to complete. Or, they may have gone to a cocktail party for a “short and sweet” gathering and the celebration would have needed to be quick.
The Conscientous DiSC Style may have made a list of all the great facts about the Royal Baby and the influences he will bring to the world. As long as these facts felt right and accurate this Style may have shared his list with friends, especially if he thought his friends might show appreciation for these factoids.
The Steady DiSC Style may grab a loved one and watch the beautiful sunset, while enjoying their favorite munchies in celebration of the News.  Keeping a celebration plan simple, familiar and comfortable is very satisfying to this Style.
Where do you fit in?  We’d love to hear back from you.
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