Nancy Allen – President
If you could take a fresh look at leadership through the lens of a simplified model that results in greater success,
would you be interested?  If you answered a resounding yes, then I want to offer you a snapshot of
the VAE MODEL from the book: “THE WORK OF LEADERS”.
The VAE MODEL: Vision, Alignment and Execution

Vision: Examples include, Remaining Open, Being Adventurous, and Exploring Implications.

Alignment: Examples include Explaining Rationale, Being Receptive, and Being Encouraging.

Execution: Examples include, Being Driven, Providing a Plan and Addressing Problems.

The Main Benefit of the VAE MODEL is that it lays out an easy to manage framework to guide the leadership process and provides clear explanations of where you might want to focus your professional development and personal efforts.

“Too often leadership books focus exclusively on crafting a vision and obtaining consensus without talking about how to implement the vision. This book nails all three: vision, alignment, and execution.”

—BEN SNYDER, CEO, Systemation

“I worked with the authors for nearly ten years and their powerful model not only helps leaders articulate a clear vision, it drives organizational alignment and flawless execution.”

—KRISTIN NEWHALL, partner, Riverside Company

To learn more, about “THE WORK OF LEADERS” Join us in Atlanta on Sept 26 to hear nationally recognized co-author Julie Straw share in depth details and case studies about Contemporary Leadership.

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